On the 7th of october we will be performing the premiere of our new AV performance “Nibiru” at Robot Festival in Bologna, Italy. As with the previous AV performance; “Nibiru” was created in collaboration with the renowned swiss video artist Yannick Jacquet. More info & teasers coming soon...


From now on please contact Rachael at Dissonant Bookings here, for any booking requests. Also, we’ve announced a few new shows - Köln & Paris : here we come!


We’re very proud to announce that we’ll be going on a small tour in Japan and Korea next week : for both of us it’ll be the first time in Asia. Exact dates can be found in the Live section.


“Transmissions from Revarsavr” was released a few days ago, and already there’s some very enthusiastic reviews coming in. You can read them in the press section. We have a few new shows announced in the UK in Switzerland - see the Live section.


We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be releasing a new album on Opal Tapes on January 22nd. The album’s entitled “Transmissions from Revarsavr” and continues the work we started with Vladimir Popov’s Noise Machines on 2014’s “Eavesdropping on pianists” EP for Eat Concrete. More info soon!


Big News : our new album “Mnemosyne” will be released on september 4th on Luke Younger’s (aka Helm) Alter label! Previews can be found at the Alter Soundcloud page.

Finally, after starting the work on this music about 3 years ago at the WORM studios in Rotterdam, this album will see the light of day in a few days. Norman Records has described it as “Detailed electro-acoustic sound caverns”, The Wire called us “architects of post-industrial dislocation”  and the always-poetic Boomkat review mentions that Lumisokea’s : “ finding their way in the dark between thickets of inorganic noise; semi-artificial ambient tones and sub-bass detonations”.

You can order the album here and here. It’ll also be available at the usual retailers like Boomkat, Bleep and Juno Records.


We’ve got some really great shows coming up this spring,  including none other than Mutek Montréal!

Check the live section for a full overview.


Before ending this roller coaster year we have a great announcement to make : we’ve joined DISK CTM Agency in Berlin for our bookings, joing the likes of Thomas Köner; Moon Wheel, Cyclobe and Suicideyear. Contact Simon Wojan for more info.


“Eavesdropping on Pianists”, our new EP on Eat Concrete, was released today and is available on our bandcamp page!


We’re happy to announce that we have a new 4-track EP coming out on july 1st on Eat Concrete.

This digital-only EP entitled “Eavesdropping on Pianists” will be released on july 1st, and will be available directly from us via the Lumisokea bandcamp and on the Eat Concrete website. It’s quite a special project : the tracks are developed from recordings we made of unique acoustic “Noise Instruments”, designed in the 1920’s by a Russian inventor called Vladimir Popov.

More info can be found here.

Moreover, from now on you can get all of our releases digitally directly from us via our Bandcamp page : both LP’s on Eat Concrete and our recent releases on Opal Tapes.


Next weekend we’re off to Vienna and the Golden Pudel in Hamburg, after which we’ll be heading back to the studio again, delving deeper into the rhythmic developments we’ve started to mine with Apophenia.


We’ve contributed at track to a compilation released by the US-based label “Crash Symbols”. The track is called “Nelja”, other artists featured on this monster-compilation are (among others) Charlatan & the Cyclist. It’s a pay-what-you-want download, so get it here.

This week we’ll be heading to Italy for a few shows : Venice, Verona & Milan. We’re very much looking forward to this - it’s the first time that we’ll play in Italy. Check the live section for more info.


Apophenia is out! Many thanks especially to Stephen  at Opal Tapes for making this happen and for all the people who pre-ordered the EP. In the press section you can find some nice words on the release. Mastering was done by Rashad at D&M, and the artwork is by the multi-talented Stephen Bishop. Apophenia is available on Opal Tapes’ bandcamp in digital formats. The vinyl edition can be found at the relevant online retailers (Boomkat, Bleep, Juno,etc.).


With the start of the new year we’d like to thank all of you who’ve supported us throughout 2013. Whether through coming to shows, buying records, booking us or supporting us in other ways : we’re very thankful for that.

Last month our debut recording on Opal Tapes was released on cassette & digital. The baby’s called “Contrapasso”, head over to Opal Tapes’ Bandcamp page for your copy. “Apophenia”, the five track vinyl EP for Opal Tapes should be out in a matter of days, which we’re  very excited about. Last but not least, we have quite some shows coming up the next months, most notably in february with the Opal Tapes showcase. We’ll be going on a little tour of Europe with none other than Basic House, Karen Gwyer and 1991. Hope to see you at one of these shows!


We’ve just received the incredible news that we’ve been invited to perform at the CTM festival! The concert will take place on february 1st 2014 and we’ll be joined by 3 other great artists from the Opal Tapes label : Karen Gwyer, Basic House and 1991. Afterward we’ll be doing a small European tour with those same artists - check the “live” section for updates about which cities we’ll be hitting.


We’ll be performing at the next Contort event in Berlin alongside some great artists : Violet Poison, Dalglish, Samuel Kerridge... It’ll be on november 3rd, so come and join if you’re in town.

November will be quite busy with shows in Berlin, Brussels, The Hague, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards we’ll be heading to Switzerland for a mini-tour.

Our “Apophenia” EP has just been mastered by Rashad at D&M, it’s coming your way soon on the lovely Opal Tapes label. Accompanying this vinyl release will be a cassette release with a 30 min piece we composed specifically for this. More details about that soon!


We’ve got some great news : we’re excited to be releasing a new EP on the fantastic Opal Tapes label later this year. A specific date is still to be confirmed - previews can be checked in the music section! We’ve also announced a few new shows in the Live section : we’ll be passing by Berlin, Odense and Rio de Janeiro. More dates will be announced as soon as they’re confirmed...


Great news - we’re featured on Opal Tapes’ “No Lotion” compilation with a track from our forthcoming EP. The track is called “Eleven”, head over to Opal Tapes’ Bandcamp page for your copy!


We’ll be performing at NK projekt tomorrow, a very nice venue in Berlin. The night is part of the “Eye for an Ear” festival. Info can be found here.

A few new shows have been added (Feed & Phono Festival), and some more will be revealed one they’re confirmed. A new Lumisokea release will be coming your way very soon, stay tuned for more info on that.


We’ve been working hard on new studio material and are happy to tell you that we’ve got two recordings very near completion. More news about this will be announced soon... Also, we’ve got some very nice shows coming up in june, check the “live” section for more info!


Two new shows announced,  one in Belgium, one in The Netherlands. We’re very happy to be sharing the stage with great artists (Actress and Darkstar) on both occasions. Check the “live” section for more details. There’s some new reviews and articles in the “press” section also.


Selva’s out! We did our release concert at the Ancienne Belgique last thursday together with one of our heroes : Shackleton. The evening was sold out, the sound was great and the audience reacted very enthusiastically... Reviews of Selva are coming in steadily, check them out in the Press section.

We still have some shows coming up before the end of the year, including a special concert at the Goethe Institute in Amsterdam, where we’ll be performing an alternative soundtrack to Murnau’s “Faust”: check it in the Live section.


We’ve made a mixtape featuring all of Selva’s 6 tracks, mixed in with tracks by a wide range of artists we greatly admire. Check it in the Music section or on soundcloud. Enjoy!


Two days until “Selva” drops, and we’re very proud to announce that we’ve been featured on The Wire’s “Rewired” radioshow! You can listen back to it by clicking this link.

06.11. 2012

Andrea found a beautiful text someone wrote about a Lumisokea show we did a while ago in Trondheim. Since we like it so much, we reproduced it in full in the “About” section.


Pre-orders for “Selva” are now open! Just go to the webshop of Eat Concrete by clicking here. We’ve been having some airplay the last few days on several (online) radiostations like Kinkystar, 22tracks, Dubmission, ... More to follow. Tonight we’re doing the first try-out of the audiovisual show at the NDSM werf in Amsterdam-Noord, right next to the legendary King Shiloh Dub Soundsystem!


We’ve finally finished the sleevedesign for Selva, our upcoming album, to be released on nov. 15th!

Together with Yannick Jacquet we’ve made something very special, handmade and in a very limited edition of 200 copies! A promotional video can be found on our vimeo page, just click here.


Big news! On 15th of november 2012 we’ll be releasing our next record “Selva”, once again on Eat Concrete. To celebrate this, we’ll premiere our new liveshow at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, also on the 15th of november, when we’ll be doing support for...(drumroll)... Shackleton!

Check the previews of the new album on our soundcloud.


Just got back from berlin where Rashad Becker mastered the new Lumisokea record. It sounds fantastic...

This summer we’ll be rehearsing a lot for the new audiovisual liveset. We’ll also be doing a concert in the UK at the nozstock festival close to Birmingham. Check the live tab for more info.


More news! We’re excited to tell you that this fall, we’ll be releasing a new album on Eat Concrete. Mastering will be done by none other than Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin!

Stay tuned for more info...


Things have been a bit quiet the last few months in the “news” section. But, not anymore! We’re proud to present to you the result of our collaboration with the ingenious Yannick Jacquet aka Legoman. Together we’ve developed a new audiovisual liveshow for the upcoming Lumisokea concerts.

Watch it in the gallery section or on vimeo!


Just finished a 3-day residency at Worm, Rotterdam. We’ve recorded hours of raw material with all the incredible synthesizers they have in their studio : Arp2500, EMS, MS20, Optigan, Syrinx, ... We’ll use these recordings as basic elements for composing new music.


We’re in the studio working hard on new material. At the moment we’re doing a residency at STEIM in Amsterdam using the incredible vintage synths (EMS VCS3, MS-20,...) they have. Very inspiring!


Reviews are coming in steadily and are very supportive! Check the “Press” section for some quotes and reviews...

We just finished our last concert for the year. We’ll be in hibernation the next few months working on new music...


We made a promomix for our upcoming album “Automatons” and decided to include some work by artists we admire very much : Mala, La Monte Young, Aphex Twin, Dans Les Arbres, Emptyset,... Check it out on our soundcloud.


14 days and counting... On 20th of october “Automatons” will finally be released. Get your copy through Rushhour, Boomkat, Juno, the Eat Concrete website,... We’ve made a promomix for the blog eclectro.nl . You can listen to it/download it on our soundcloud : click here

If you’d like to see us live, we’re playing a couple of shows the coming months, check out the “live” tab for details.

Also, in the “press” section you can check the first reviews of Automatons. Till next time!


It’s been a while since our last update... We’ve had a great time doing an Eat Concrete showcase at Satta Outside Festival In Lithuania. We’ve put a short video of our performance in the Gallery section.

We’ll be playing the 3rd of september at the “Museumnacht” in The Hague, at the Nutshuis. The night starts at 19.30h. Come all! Info can be found here.


Alex Zakkas made two very beautiful animations for “Fiftyfour” and “Lilya”, two tracks off our forthcoming album “Automatons”.

You’ll find them in the “gallery” section of the website.

We’ve also addes a few excerpts of a recording we did for “de concertzender” (Dutch radiostation) of our liveset at FAQ festival, last april. Check ‘em out in the “music” section or on our soundcloud page.


Last week we got some great news from Teun, our label manager : we’ll be part of an Eat Concrete line-up at the “Satta Outside” festival in Lithuania, which will take place from 12-15th of august. Lumisokea will be joined by Pete Concrete & Kubus.


We’re preparing for the Oddstream Festival in Nijmegen this weekend.

Line-up is massive : Goth-Trad, Eat Concrete Residents, Loops Haunt,... Not to be missed, I’d say!


In a few days we’re off to Norway again! We’ll be playing 2 shows in Kristiansand and one in Trondheim. More info in the “Live” section.


It’s just been confirmed that we’ll be playing at Oddstream Festival, Nijmegen (NL). It’s a great line-up with artists like : Loops Haunt, Goth Trad, Pete Concrete, Blipvert and many more. Check it out here.


The vinyl’s have arrived! They will be available exclusively at our liveshows until the official release in september 2011. We’re delighted with the look & feel of it, so come to one of our concerts and get a copy while they’re fresh!


Recently Andrea has done a nice interview with Radio6, a dutch radiostation. To have a listen, click here.


We’re featured on 3voor12’s “Hollandse Nieuwe”, a streaming website of the Dutch radio VPRO presenting new music.

The featured track is “Automatons”, from our forthcoming release on Eat Concrete.

Check it out here.


A few updates about our forthcoming release on Eat Concrete (september 2011) :

  1. -Sam John at Precise Mastering, who’s done some great work for Aphex Twin,Scuba, Hemlock, ao did a great job mastering our album. On our soundcloud page I’ve updated the previews with a few of the the mastered tracks. 

  2. -The artwork for “Automatons”, by Nina Thorarinsdottìr is also finished and can be checked out here.


We’re featured on Pete Concrete’s exclusive mix for Jay Scarlett’s “Ampsoul” radioshow. Check it out at :



It’s just been confirmed that we’ll be playing at FAQ festival, which will take place from 8-10 april in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. We’ll be sharing the bill with some great bands such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Otto von Schirach, Meat beat manifesto,...!


More live-dates have been added to the album release tour and more are to follow shortly. Check the “Live” tab for more info.


Website online!


We're excited to tell you that we'll be releasing the new LP on Eat Concrete, a great label that houses artists like Aardvarck, Dimlite, Daedalus & Knalpot (www.eatconcrete.net).

The LP will be available on vinyl, cd-r and high quality download from march/april 2011.

The record-release tour will be in the Benelux + Germany + Scandinavia from April 2011 on.

Stay tuned for more info!


We’ve been doing regular residencies at Amsterdam’s STEIM (Centre for research & development in the electronic performance arts) to rehearse our liveset. We put a post on STEIM’s blog about these residencies, read it here :


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